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Selling.   Buying. 

Mergers & Acquisitions.


As a broker with Transworld Business Advisors - the world leader in trusted marketing and sales of businesses, mergers & acquisitions, and franchises - we provide essential services to sellers and buyers.


Whether you represent an acquisition-minded corporation, are interested in owning your own company and/or new franchise, we offer the professional services that successfully bring buyers and sellers together.

While we handle all types of businesses, anywhere in the US and beyond,  our specialty is in online, ecommerce, SaaS, IT and web-related companies.


It all starts with our free business valuation and/or gratis consultation.  The choice to sell your business or buy a company can be one of the most important decisions of your life and it’s a complex affair involving hundreds of variables.  Our team of experts can help guide you through the process.


We are equipped to sell businesses of any size.  Our services include;  expertise in packaging/marketing businesses for sale, ability to present businesses to our huge database of buyers, bringing “ready, willing and able” buyers to the table to eliminate “tire kickers”, creative negotiations to close deals with key bank partners, confidentiality with all parties... plus more!


Finding the right business for you stems from our buying process - Eight Steps to Entrepreneurship, which includes";  Taking Charge, Evaluation, Education, Search, Due Diligence, Offer, Closing, Post Closing.  Many questions arise during the buying process and we are there with you the whole way to explain the details.


When it comes to larger businesses, we have an experienced team of Merger & Acquisition advisors who are some of the best in the industry (powered by one of the biggest M & A firms).  Additionally, we can assist companies who are in growth mode and seeking acquisition opportunities that are not necessarily on the market.  


We understand the importance of helping people find the right franchise opportunity.  Our franchise consultants will provide you with guidance, information, and support as you seek to obtain your franchise goals.  When it comes to the franchising side, our free service will help you determine if that path is right for you!

We would be happy to talk with you and answer your questions.  Clients are typically quite enlightened with information after a discussion with us.  Please do get in touch for a chat!

Strategic partnerships are at our core.  If you are a company with a strong target market that needs our services we want to speak with you.  Please do contact us and let's schedule a talk!

We  do  good  deals  for  good  people.

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