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We think about ideas.

A lot.

All Fantastic are web strategists.  Working globally, our Portland, Oregon based firm designs, develops, markets, revamps, reviews, grows, consults with, owns and invents online properties.  We have been involved in the Internet industry since 1995 and do this work because we enjoy it!


All Fantastic specializes in providing online growth generation.  Beyond the aforementioned, other service examples include:  eCommerce, app development, search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, social media, user experience analysis, marketing plans, partner research, business development, funding and more.


Our team has the innate ability to look at any business and constantly envision potential.  All Fantastic realizes that today's idea can be tomorrow's market leader.  What truly sets us apart is an attention to your business.  All Fantastic knows that if your business succeeds, we all succeed.  Please contact us to chat about business topics.

Charities All Fantastic Supports

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Mt. Hood, near Portland, Oregon


Jon Toorock

Owner & Founder

Savvy Internet professional with over two decades of online experience.  Dynamic part of back-to-back successful technology company exits while based in New York City.  Jupiter Communications (IPO) was a company that helped shape web business for multiple Fortune 1,000 clients via proprietary "online intelligence" that forecasted the future.  As a very early employee with start-up, a virtual stock market for domain names - Jon was on the cutting edge of creating “community”, specifically surrounding connecting buyers and sellers.  Acquired by, he worked at Register in New York City until moving to Portland, Oregon, where he started All Fantastic.  

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