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Why All Fantastic

We are web strategists.  Our team has the innate ability to look at any business and constantly envision potential.  All Fantastic realizes that today's idea can be tomorrow's market leader.  We have worked with everyone from new solo entrepreneurs to established corporations doing 8-figures annually.  Our organization also likes to work with non-profits and are personally involved with numerous charities.  What truly sets us apart is an attention to your business.  All Fantastic knows that if your business succeeds, we all succeed.  Hence, we do not look at you and your business as a client, rather, we believe in partnerships. 


All Fantastic keeps overhead to minimums and passes that savings along to you.  We also provide personalized service.  There is no extra charge for this service level.  You will always have direct contact with the Principal and/or the Lead Developer on your project.  


Jon Toorock, Owner & Founder:  Jon grew up in Long Island, New York and lived in New York City until 2002.  A graduate of The University of Rhode Island, he started in the Internet industry in 1995.  Jon quickly went on to become involved with two Manhattan online start-ups.  The first, Jupiter Communications, a research firm that specialized in providing businesses with “Online Intelligence” as the web was just beginning to burgeon, had a successful public offering in 1999.  Since then Jupiter Communications has been bought and sold multiple times, most recently by international corporation Forrester Research.  Jon was

one of the first employees brought on to the second successful Internet start-up company he joined – Afternic., an online secondary stock market for domain names and speculation therein, was on the cutting edge of the web in creating “community” specifically surrounding connecting buyers and sellers.  The company was acquired by (the #2 largest domain name registrar in the world at the time) for approximately $50MM in cash and stock in 2000.  Jon went on to work with Register until 2002, when he decided to move from New York City to Portland, Oregon.  While keeping strong industry ties and excellent track of Internet trends, Jon has been deeply involved in the non-profit arena ever since his move, including heading up numerous web efforts as a Development Director (Oregon Literacy), volunteer and Board Member.  In 2011, Jon founded and still owns All Fantastic, an Internet conglomerate concentrating on development, design, marketing and inventing online properties.  Acting as the de facto Business Strategist for All Fantastic, he focuses mostly on the side of the venture that includes, but is not limited to:  online property concepts, partnerships, consulting, user growth, client acquisition, marketing, revenue generation, operations, staff management and more.

The best way we can reinforce what we can do for you is by showcasing our portfolio, referencing our testimonials and offering you a free consultation.  We constantly prove our worth, but do not rest on our laurels.  Please do get in touch:


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